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Bambi & Birdy

Dienstag, 16. Dezember 2014

inspiration lately!

The beauty of mononucleosis is, that you have tons of time (= the couple of hours a day you're not sleeping) to finally read all your bookmarked articles, watch movies you always wanted to watch, and generally be inspired by everything the internet has to, here is parts of what I did during the last weeks... now that I'm somewhat healthy again, I reentered the real world though, so no worries.

Das Schöne an pfeifferischem Drüsenfieber ist, dass man endlich Zeit hat ( = die paar Stunden am Tag, die man nicht schläft) all die Artikel zu lesen, Film zu sehen...für die man sonst keine Zeit hat. Ich bin froh, wieder einigermaßen gesund zu sein und das Haus verlassen zu können, aber die letzten paar Wochen konnte ich damit verbringen mich von allem inspirieren zu lassen, was das Internet zu bieten hat.

I find these statues stunning- does anybody know where they are?

beautiful cover art of the New Yorker

"Gone Girl"-review:

stunning reflection on not being beautiful, by the stunning Amanda Filipacchi:

when did "book trailers" become a thing? I don't know but definitely enjoyed this one:

I am deeply disturbed, amazed and in awe of this movie and of Ms. Pike's performance!

Beyonce's short film!
truth by Jim Jarmusch

3 Kommentare:

Carmen Varner hat gesagt…

Those statues are haunting. I'm intrigued yet scared of them.

:] // ▲ ▲

Anonym hat gesagt…

The statues are by an artist named Isaac Cordal:

Deborah hat gesagt…

I totally understand that! I had conjunctivitis a couple weeks ago and was totally happy-bored at home for an entire week.
It was terrible and perfect at the same time!