Bambi & Birdy

Bambi & Birdy

Freitag, 20. März 2015

have a wonderful weekend...

What is paradise for you?

I am sorry, but this week was exhausting... I am tired and just lost my words!
I hope deeply, you had a couple of relaxed days and will have a wonderful weekend!

Links from around the world!

To all of you, have a wonderful weekend!
Habt ein wunderbares Wochenende!

Links from around the world:
Links aus der ganzen Welt des Internets:

if you need energy - here is a special Yoga-tree for all of you (really stunning)

for everyone with back pain:

this was my childhood dream - tree houses for everyone!

Its a private family affair and at the same moment it got published all around the internet and shocked the world - we are heartbroken and with all our thought with this lovely family! - read about Paul Kalanithi, a neurosurgen, his story will take your breath away - rest in peace Mr. Kalanithi

thats basically how I look and feel this days...

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