Bambi & Birdy

Bambi & Birdy

Freitag, 2. August 2013


Weil Geburtstagswoche ist, möchten wir euch heute Birds lieblings Familienmitglieder vorstellen...

Because it is Birds-Birthday-Week we like to introduce you to Birds favorite family members...

You´re beautiful, thats for sure
you´ll never ever fade
You´re lovely, but it´s not for sure
That I won´t ever change
and though my love is rare


I´m like a bird, 
I´ll only fly away
I don´t know where my soul is, 
I don´t know where my home is.

Your faith in me brings me tears,
even after all these years
and it pains me so much to tell
that you don´t know me that well
and though my love is rare

It´s not that I wanna say goodbye
It´s just that every time you try to tell me that you love me
each and every single day I know
I´m going to have to eventually give you away
and though my love is rare
and though my love is true
Hey I´m just scared 
that we may fall through

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