Bambi & Birdy

Bambi & Birdy

Montag, 3. März 2014

Bambi meets Bambi

This week we start to announce "Bambi´s Birthday-week!"
Her birthday is on friday, but as usual we love to celebrate long and glittery, and our old habit is to celebrate a whole week long "the birth of the other!" 
I really cannot believe, that my beloved Bambi gets 24 on friday. 
That marks almost 14 years of friendship...

In honor of Bambi, we like to share with you the first meeting of two totally different Bambis.
It was one of these amazing days, you might remember for years to come!
At the end, life writes the best stories, am I right?

Last summer we went with Bambi's family on a day trip into the surrounding area. We had lunch, cake, a bunch of good laughs, and then the incredible meeting of two Bambis. Immediately you could see and feel the connection. I guess they were just happy to finally meet someone so similar to the other...

I love to present to you: Bambi meets Bambi!

An diesem Montag starten wir in die lang ersehnte (von mir, Bird) Bambi Geburtstags-Woche!
Ihr Geburtstag ist an diesem Freitag, was glücklicherweise Raum für eine glitzernde Geburtstags-Woche lässt. Ich kann es nicht glauben, Bambi wird 24 Jahre alt. Das macht fast 14 Jahre Freundschaft...

Also, zu Ehren meines Bambis, möchte ich mit euch heute das erste Treffen zweier sehr unterschiedlicher Bambis teilen.
Es war einer dieser Tage, an die man sich ein Leben lang erinnern wird!
Und am Ende ist es eh das Leben selbst, das die schönsten Geschichten schreibt, richtig?

first they needed to talk to each other...
and then it was clear to everybody - it will be a long friendship
and here we have the one and only: Uncle Ulli!

Even a Bird tried to connect with this Bambi, but obviously I am just a Bird! 

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