Bambi & Birdy

Bambi & Birdy

Freitag, 24. Oktober 2014

Have a wonderful weekend!

my favorite girl with my favorite cat!

Today, my very best friend is coming to town and I am so so happy to see her! We'll have a wonderful  weekend and hopefully, you will too!

Heute kommt meine allerbeste Freundin in die Stadt und ich freue mich riesig! Wir werden sicher ein wundervolles Wochenende haben und ich hoffe ihr auch!

12 things you never knew about Gilmore Girls:

great article on arranged marriages...little reminder that there's more than one way to lead a happy  life:

pretty windows:

I deeply admire Jessica Chastain, so much so that I even wanna see this movie:

How many have you read?

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The Flash Window hat gesagt…

It's so sad I have only read like 3 of all those wonderful books... But anyway have a nice weekend you too with your friend!
With love,